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how to style trendy tops modestly

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Zara is one of my favorite stores. Sometimes I feel embarrassed by the amount of clothes I have from there. But, what can you do? hehe. Everything there is literally so cute and the best part is you can easily find modest hijab friendly casual and fancy outfits. Well, today I’ll show you all how to style trendy tops modestly from Zara. Now, embroidered tops,bottoms,jackets and shoes are VERYYYYY IN right now, and also matching belt that ties at the waist is also in TREND right now. I’M LOVING IT. The belt tied up looks so cute. I love when simple tops are embroidered it just makes the whole outfit look SOOO MUCH BETTER.

I found this plaid embroidered belt tied top from Zara, and you know when you just look at something and YOU KNOW YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE. Well that happened to me when I saw this top hanging in the store. In that moment I knew how I was going to style this. Since the length is not so long, I decided to wear culottes with it. Also, finished the whole outfit together with lace-up black flats and a light beige color hijab.

xx Wardah