Wardah Mushtaq true to its name has set up the modest industry with trendy yet sophisticated designs. Wardah inherited her passion for design at an early age from her mother. At the age of 17, she began her Instagram to highlight her everyday style, new trends and how she likes to style them in a modest yet elegant way.

Creative Head Wardah Mushtaq lives in Toronto and is originally from Karachi, Pakistan. Founded in 2016, when Wardah first started her Instagram, it was (and still is) for the insane love that she has for fashion. Wardah has always loved to style her outfits in a unique way but still modestly. Soon, Wardah started to gain an incredible amount of audience, and today she now has over 250,000+ followers from worldwide.

Wardah’s goal is to inspire girls from all around the world to be their best version and wear what they feel most comfortable in. This is why she decided to start her new collection. Everyday girls feel struggled to find the clothes that fit their modest requirements but yet it’s very hard. Wardah hopes that this will make their lives easier and can be the one-stop shop to their problems.