You guys probably know by now the love I have for food, my Instagram is filled with pictures of food *no shame* 😛 But, can I just say how much I love Italian food, especially pasta. I can literally eat it everyday. NO JOKE. I’ve always been looking for a good high-end Italian cuisine. You know, some days when you’re feeling just a lil extra and want to splurge money on some good food. Well, I went to TOCA restaurant when I was staying at Ritz Carlton this weekend for my staycation and can I just say I found the best Italian food in Toronto.

So, back to the restaurant, the overall ambience of the restaurant is very relaxed and laid back. Perfect for meetings, events or just casual dinners. The menu and table arrangements were all on point. I couldn’t help myself but just keep taking pictures of the whole setup. The menu choices were very friendly since I didn’t want to eat any meat, I ordered the signature “Capresi Ravioli”. In fact, the PR of Ritz Carlton Mimi was hosting us for dinner there and she told me that most of the tomatoes they use are brought from Italy every WEEK, so you can actually taste the authentic Italian taste. Which I couldn’t agree with it more. The taste was just incredible.

From food to the service, everything was outstanding. I was so impressed with the service and even the Manager came to greet us and the whole time he took a fabulous care of us. I would definitely recommend going to TOCA.  Thanks to Mimi and TOCA team for taking such good care and serving the most delicious Italian cuisine. I can’t wait to visit again soon.

xx Wardah