About Me

I’m Wardah and I began my fashion Instagram in 2018 to highlight my everyday style, new trends and how I like to style them in a modest way.

When I first started my Instagram, it was (and still is) for the insane love that I have for fashion. I’ve always loved to style my outfits in a unique way but still modestly. Soon, I started to gain an incredible amount of audience, and fast forward to today where I now have over half a million followers.

My style is casual, comfortable but still edgy. I love to style new trendy pieces with my unique touch in it. With that, I love travelling and sharing my experiences with you guys. My blog first started out as only fashion but over the last few months I’ve included lifestyle and travel touch into it as well.

I’m extremely thankful for every single one of you. Thanks so much for visiting!

xx Wardah